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Hayes Primary School

Hayes Primary School, Bromley

Hayes Primary School, Bromley. On 5th June 1937 the school was formally opened. It was designed to accommodate up to 400 pupils. Within two years World War II broke out, and the school  had to make the unenviable decision: whether to keep the school open. It was also faced with new problems, which included the building of two brick air-raid shelters, the continuous checking of gas masks and families coping with fathers enlisting.

From August 1940 until January 1941 lessons had to be taught in the shelters, as there were air raids almost every day. Two bomb blasts in September and October 1941 caused some damage to the school.

Over the years the school has maintained the committed dedication to education and in September 2014 HPS formed a Multi Academy Trust and welcomed St Mary Cray Primary School as the first additional school.

In 2014, Hadene was contracted to provide fresh ventilation air to twelve classrooms with the use of four heat recovery ventilation units, each of which to serve a group of classroom.

The heat recovery ventilation units were mounted within the roof void with ductwork distributing through the roof void to the individual Classroom grilles. The fresh air inlet and discharge ductwork connected to the ventilation unit discharges via external louvres at the gable-end walls of the building. Fire dampers were fitted where the ductwork passes through each of the fire curtains installed within the loft space.

It was particularly stressful working in such confined space as the lofts, with very little room for manoeuvre. This meant the ductwork had to be installed accurately to be able to install between the rafters. Balancing of the system also became a problem as the size of the units and ductwork was reduced to make the units and ductwork into the loft, this presented difficulties with added. resistance, however the flow rates measured were within 5% of them design specification and some flow rates exceeded the specification.

Project Details

  • Location: Bromley, Kent
  • Category: Ventilation, Ductwork and Building Services
  •  Client: Hayes Primary School